This tutorial will teach you “how to block specific website on a computer”

If you are running Vista/Window7 , you need to have administrative right. For this you need to log on windows with your account with administrative rights(to access the folder system32)

Now just Go to My computer and then go to the C:\ drive or whichever is your root drive. Then just go to Folder “windows” and then to “system32” folder. There you can see another folder “drivers” , just double click it. Then go to folder “etc” . Overall you are in:


there you can see a file named hosts. Just open a notepad and drag and drop the file to the notepad. This will show you a some lines of texts as “This is a sample host file used by…………”. If you see this you’re right in the place where you should be. Now just below the write another (this is the ip address the computer i.e source ip address) and press tab and then type in the address of the website that you want to block and save it (CTRL + S).This will do it! Now the computer will be blocked to the specified website…You can check by going to the website through your internet browser.

Note: you can also open hosts file by typing following in the cmd(command)

notepad “C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts”

and modified the contents as your requirement.